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Safety Tips

What is it?
In an emergency situation, pressing the MTN 2MyAid panic button on your cellphone will send a distress SMS to four emergency contacts alerting them that you are in an emergency situation or in distress. These four contacts are pre-selected and can be anyone you choose.

The SMS will explain that you need help and contain information about your location. This will enable your emergency contacts to contact you, alert emergency services or come to your aid. If you have activated Follow on Tracking, your contacts will be able to query your updated location for the specified period of time.

SMS the word 'Help' to 31911 to register now!

Who can use it?
All MTN PayAsYouGo and Contract customers who are concerned about the wellbeing of their family and friends.

  • You and your family have a sense of security
  • Knowing you have done all you can to protect your loved ones
  • Do you best to help your loved ones in an emergency

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